Saturday, March 16, 2002

Last night, after dropping Kat off at a 4H thing, we ordered from California Pizza Kitchen. I love their salads!!! I had an Oriental Chicken Salad and Singapore Spring Rolls. It was good!!!

This morning, I got to sleep in till 8:30, even though Sas woke up at 7:15. What's up with that? All week long we have to wake her up, but on the weekends, she's chipper that early? The older two sleep till 10 or 11 if we let them, so real sleeping in is maybe just a few years away (not that I'm in a hurry to have her grow up! I'm much enjoying her "littleness").

After going downstairs and having a wonderful Balance bar for breakfast and 2 cups of coffee, lovingly brewed by my hubby, I called the hotel we're going to stay in in Paris next week. The Novotel is in the center of the city. I do so hope they have an exercise facility though, as I'll need that, and reservations told us they do, it's not mentioned on their site however. I called to ask for adjoining rooms, but the hotel doesn't have any. We do have rooms next to each other. The older kids will probably be ok with that (but will I be???).

The rest of the morning was spent making a list of things to take to Paris (our week will be busy, so better get a head start!) and doing an interval workout on the treadmill for 30 minutes.
This is a "light" workout for me, but a very efficient one. It consists of a warm up (5 mins) at a comfortable walking pace. Then walk one minute and run as fast as you can one minute, walk one minute, up the incline to 5.0 one minute, go down to zero, walk one minute, run as fast as possible one minute, walk one minute, up incline to 6.0 one minute... etc. You will get a good workout!

After soup for lunch, it was time to start working on Kat's birthday party. Hubby got the Mrs. Fields birthday cookie we had ordered for her. It was supposed to serve over 30 people and we were only having 8 girls for the party, so it seemed plenty. Well, just a tiny sliver is left over!

The party theme was a Teen Mystery, we used a "How to Host a Teen Mystery Dinner" packet for it. All the kids had received their "character" on their invitation and came dressed accordingly.

This particular mystery was a barbecue party, so we ordered from a nearby BBQ restaurant. We had hot appetizers from Schwan's , their mozzarella sticks, pizza wontons and cheese filled pretzels are great! As are their meatballs, but we use those for spaghetti with meatballs.

The mystery took almost 3 hours to solve! The kids had a lot of fun with it, as did we adults. I'm sure we'll get one of the adult "How to Host a Murder Mystery" packets soon, to solve with our friends.

Today I also surfed the Net a bit (as Yahoogroups was down, as was my personal email!). And here is my Pick of the Day: Brainy Quotes