Thursday, May 15, 2003

Yesterday, we did indeed go for a bike ride. We rode out to the Reston Town Center on the W&OD trail, about 7 miles each way. Christine took Rick's bike. I kind of had to chuckle, as the saddle was bothering her and, well, I certainly heard about it ;). My saddle was equally uncomfortable, but I figure it's because we were not used to riding at all and some saddle pain is always par for the course.

It was so gorgeous! The trail is completely green, with the exception of the road crossings. It was very empty, the occasional older couple or mom with baby notwithstanding. We saw numerous cardinals, beautiful! I even almost ran one over that landed right in front of me to catch an insect. We heard woodpeckers peck the wood. But the highlight for me was seeing a bunch of bluebirds. I'd never seen real bluebirds.

The bike ride invigorated me, so when we got back, I quickly ate lunch and then went off to the nursery. I bought a bunch of perennials for the front yard, as I'm trying to fill that patch up, so we don't need to worry about it much anymore and Impatience for the backyard. We have very shady areas there and there is not much that will grow there, especially not flowering plants. Impatience seems to be it. It's expensive though, as it's just an annual and we need a lot of it to fill the spaces.

I also planted some Gladioli bulbs and this afternoon, just before the torrential rains hit, Saskia and I seeded Morning Glory, Peas, several herbs and Nasturtium.

Today I kept feeling like I was running ahead of the rains. It actually turned out to be dry most of the day (until just after Saskia and I planted those seeds). I had a hair appointment and my hair is darker than it was, which I like a lot. Next time I'm going to have some red put in. I talked about biking with my hair stylist (who is my age and I get along with very well, she's from the Lebanon) and she mentioned she didn't have a bike. I told her she could have my old one and she was very happy with that thought. So, in return for some hair products, I rode my old bike over there and then she gave me a ride home. She mentioned going biking with her son and little nieces, so I'm sure my old, reliable bike came to a good home.

When I got home, Katja called that she had missed the late schoolbus and could I give some of her classmates a ride too. Sure, I say. Turns out they live all over town! Would have been ok, except I left Saskia, with an earache and afraid of thunderstorms, with Kai, as I expected to not be long and she dislikes going with me. It of course took longer than expected, but thankfully, Rick got home early.

Wah, and now we have 2 more days of rain, this spring has been so unusual!!

I've been wanting to revive an old habit: recounting 5 things that made me happy, so here goes:
1. Believe it or not, but hearing Christine's complaining of her saddle pain made me happy, not because she was hurting, of course, but because she literally took the pain to ride out with me and enjoy the outside. That was a gift!
2. When Kai looked at me yesterday and told me he loves going to the park with his friends. It came from the bottom of his heart. There's another nature lover for me to enjoy!
3. Saskia's little voice on the phone when I called tonight and how big she is, that she can write a phone number down now.
4. Katja's obvious pride in having me (little old me ) for a mom, when I picked her and her friends up. She clearly thought it was cool her mom helped them all out :). Much better than the shame I expected her to feel for me by now (though I sometimes do manage to inadvertently be a very embarrassing person to be around, oops!).
5. Rick's coming home early on Tuesday afternoon because I was in so much pain. I don't think he'll ever know just how much that means to me, his unfaltering support of me, no matter how sick I am.

As always, I'm blessed :).

Wednesday, May 14, 2003

Pfff, finally! A beautiful, blue sky day. I can't believe this spring! It's so unlike other years, much more gloomy and cool. Normally, we're in the 80's by now, and this week we're lucky if the thermometer reaches 70.

Anyway, I got a bike on Mother's Day and I'm going to ride it today. Christine and I are going to the W&OD trail (if she doesn't lose courage, that is) and ride to Reston.

Yesterday was a tough day, pain wise. My massage therapist's hot water heater exploded in her house on Monday and so she had to cancel the massage Monday and again yesterday. I'm really hoping she'll come today, as my whole right side is locked up. Rick came home early yesterday to take Katja to tutoring and help out, as I wasn't worth anything.

A lot has to do with the weather, as it was cold and overcast yesterday. Today I do feel better, though I feel the tight muscles just waiting to start really tightening up again. Christine mentioned she had read an article in Newsweek about Fibromyalgia and new drugs they're manufacturing for it. I've kind of given up hope that there'll ever be a true cure, but I do think it's great it's now recognized so much and so much research is done on it. Twenty years ago, when I was diagnosed, no one knew what it was.

Well, I'm off to get the litter boxes clean, a most pleasant chore, not!

Sunday, May 11, 2003

Mother's Day! Yeah, yeah, I know, commercial nonsense, blah, blah. But I love the day! Call me selfish, but I actually like it even better than my birthday.

This morning, Rick, Kai and Saskia (Katja was too tired after babysitting till after midnight last night) sat on the bed and gave me my gifts: Saskia a cute ladybug card she'd made at school, that told me she loves me because I help her with words she doesn't know :). Every year I'm intrigued to read why she loves me, as it's never a reason I could have possibly thought of myself. Kai gave me one of his very complicated and neat Science Fiction drawings, he draws them simply in pencil, but he has a lot of talent. Rick gave me what I'm writing on now: a new laptop! My old one's hard disk was getting full with all my pictures and the programs I use to edit them. This is so cool! And so fast!

Once Katja woke up, she gave me her gifts, two things she made in Shop at school: a keychain and duckbillholder (I collect ducks).

After a short workout and a long conversation with my sister in law in Canada, we went off to brunch at the Ritz Carlton. Now that is truly pampering! They have the best food, the most delicious salads and desserts. What a treat!

Then, we went to Borders and looked for books. I can always spend hours there! And the kids take after Rick and me in that regard, the whole family is quite happy in a bookstore and we never leave empty handed. Borders loves us ;).

At home, we worked on getting this computer set up and most programs installed. Then (I hardly dare write this, as I really do get spoiled by my wonderful husband) Rick suggested going to the bike store. I've been riding on his mountain bike and he'd decided it was time I got my own. So, in the garage, stands my brand spanking new bright blue Giant mountain bike. I can't wait to go on a ride!!! Rick is liking it, as I'm planning on riding out to his office to join him for lunch soon.

My heart is just full of love for my family, not just today of course, but they've once again shown just how much they love me, though more by their actions than their gifts. I hope every mom who reads this had a wonderful Mother's Day herself!