Wednesday, May 01, 2002

A quiet day today. I went for a workout and a personal training session. And then picked up Mark to go eat lunch at Kai's school. We stayed for his lunch and recess and then part of Katja's lunch and recess. Besides that, Mark helped Kai with his homework, we went to Glory Days Grill, where Kai and Saskia had their "ducky" drink, Sprite with blue food coloring (nice blue tongues!) and a plastic duck. We had great chicken wings too! Delicious. If you ever find yourself in one of those restaurants, order the wings! Then just a quiet night at home. Phew, feels nice, a relaxed day for a change!

Tuesday, April 30, 2002

I'm sitting here feeling sorry for myself, as I'm trying desperately to fight off a cold, that came on with a vengeance last night. I'm taking Cold Calm, which is helping somewhat. I had such a flaming sore throat all night, I couldn't fall back to sleep as every swallow had me cringe. I was kind of afraid it might be strep, as the stabbing pains reminded me of that, but after today, I'm thinking it's just a really bad cold.

But, I'm refusing to give into it. It's simply too busy! Yesterday was Kai's birthday and we woke up early to get donuts and give him his gifts. Since it was his 10th birthday, we tried to make it extra special.

Then, off to school the kids went and I went to my workout at the gym. On some days (like today) it requires iron discipline to get myself to go. But I without failing feel so much better afterwards and that (almost) always gets me there again.

After I got home and the kids got home, we decided to go to the National Zoo, the weather was cool and overcast, but warm enough to have the tiger cub, Berani playing outside. We also adored the gorilla baby, Kojo, we missed the naming vote by just a day or so. And Kandula the baby elephant is the smallest little elephant I've seen. The giraffe baby is getting big and isn't looking so babyish anymore. The panda's were fun to watch too. All the animals were quite active, as they weren't sluggish from the summer heat yet and the crowds were very thin, as the weather was only so so. In other words, a fun little excursion.

After getting Rick from work and picking up his car from the shop, we made our way over to Rainforest Cafe, where Kai had requested to have his birthday dinner. We had a fun dinner (as always there), but were a little disappointed they don't sing Happy Birthday anymore. But he did get a "Volcano" dessert with a sparkler on it.

After dinner, we went to theBuild A Bear workshop, a place the kids have gotten addicted to (and not hard to understand why), but we have to beware of our wallets there, as all the little things quickly add up!

Today Rick left on a trip at 6 am, yawn!! We all got up, ate leftover donuts for breakfast, then Mark took Kai to school with the belated cupcakes for his birthday. I took Saskia and then came home to study for Artsmart. We were due in Kai's class at 10:50 to teach Georgia O'Keeffe.

All night long I was going back and forth on whether I'd be well enough to pull it off. But I decided to go for it, because Kai would have been so disappointed, since Mark was helping today. And now, of course, I'm glad I did it.

The kids loved the material. O'Keeffe is fun to talk about, her art nice and colorful. They got azalea branches, dogwood branches and wild animal skulls as models to draw. They did a very good job of making the drawings abstract and the flowers nice and big. The result was very colorful (they drew in pastel on white paper).

One more month of Artsmart and then we'll have an artshow. I will do it again next year, I enjoy learning about the artists and seeing how the kids enjoy mimicking the styles. Next year, though, I will insist on another parent as a full helper. The lady who was supposed to co-teach with me this year was no help at all. She immediately announced she was not going to present. Ok, that does take the most time (preparation included). But then she also never volunteered to go to any of the meetings or to order the work after it was done. Anyway, I got the distinct feeling that she somehow thought she was doing me a great favor by "helping me out". However, I'm as much a volunteer as she is and her presence precluded other parents from volunteering. Anyway, just a little rant.

Tonight, we went to a nice Chinese restaurant. We laughed a lot, had a fun dinner.

Sunday, April 28, 2002

After Kai's birthday party last night, we had dinner at Outback steakhouse. I had a great steak! I have to say, they have some good beef there (I rarely order steak, but once in a great while I like a nice one).

Today we woke up to loud thunder. Katja and I went to the gym in the pouring rain (necessary, as we're still in a drought situation, but why does it always have to rain on the weekend???).

By the time we got home, the sun had broken through and now the atmosphere is warming up nicely and we're under a tornado watch till 9pm. I hope we won't get anything like that!

We went to watch Clockstoppers after lunch, a fun, relaxing movie. Even Saskia enjoyed it.

And now we're waiting for the severe weather. The kids are enjoying themselves outside with Kai's new supersoaker. Saskia came to ask if she could go in her bathing suit. She would live in her bathing suit if she could :).