Monday, March 10, 2003

This weekend it was *finally* warmer! Yesterday, it even got to be 61 degrees, before another arctic front swept in and made it freezingly cold again today (it's 35 degrees as we speak, brrrr!!!!).

On Saturday, Katja and I went to work out together and then went into the hot tub. It was fun to go with my daughter, I can't believe she's almost 13! Rick jokingly said "I'm shopping for a cane" this weekend, but really it does feel so old! (ok, I know everything is relative ;))

In the afternoon, I engraved a glass for Rick. It's the first one I've done in many years. I used to engrave them for everyone and on commission. But they hurt my fingers, so I can't do it as well anymore. What I do is write the first name in calligraphy, scratch it in the glass and then draw flowers or grasses or vines on it (depending on the type of glass). It's a very satisfying hobby as the result is always very unique. I just wish I could produce more!

Yesterday, after working out, I went to Michael's, to get some spring stuff for the house and supplies to make a door decoration. I like to make new ones every season, the Valentines ones were outdated and now I have cute Easter ones hanging. To cheer up the house a bit, I got some Easter accents as well: eggs with designs on them, yellow and orange candles and a huge pluche duck who hangs over the back of one chair. Rick declared that the duck doesn't do anything for him ;).

Today, I first went to work out with Christine, all the way in Centreville, but traffic on Mondays is so bad she would take forever to get to my neck of the woods. Then I rushed to Fresh Fields, where I love to shop, as they have so many good things and many tastings too.
I was back just in time to get the kids from school and pick up a friend's little girl. My friend just lost a baby after a 20 week pregnancy and my heart just aches so much for her! Saskia and her little girl played very well together and I just took her back home and stayed to talk. I'm glad we have such a great community, she's getting help everywhere and for weeks on end people have signed up to bring them meals.

Ironically, tonight, I have to go to a baby shower for my neighbor. Life goes on.