Tuesday, September 09, 2003

Wow, I've been a US citizen for 4 years today! That was such a weird 3 days 4 years ago: first I got sworn in as a US citizen on the 9th (9-9-'99, how can one forget?), then my 38th birthday on the 10th and my sister's wedding on the 11th (yes, she got married on 9/11 :(, it's annoying now, as it will forever be "the" date. For me my birthday will always be the day before. I turned 40 the day before 9/11/2001, how's that for a milestone.)

I'm tired tonight. I think the season is getting to me already, I always feel so much worse in fall and winter, it's annoying. Saskia is looking for Halloween costumes online and she just said she might want to be a devil, how appropriate :D.

We visited the orthodontist with Kai and Saskia today and it looks like both will need braces within a year. $$$!

Monday, September 08, 2003

Yesterday, we went canoeing on the Shenandoah river. I can't wait to do it again! And I can't believe we haven't tried it before. It was so much fun! And the weather was gorgeous, as was the scenery. It was remarkably simple: we paid, then got life jackets and they took us by van and dropped us off with our canoes 3 miles away from the boat house and then we canoed with the stream back.

We also quickly visited the Skyline Drive, but it was crowded, we saw no animals and we had to leave soon, because Katja needed more school supplies.

Today, I had our new housekeeper starting. I had a terrible night, as my medicine to help me sleep through ran out. I didn't think it would make a difference immediately, but it did! Though it might have been because I stayed up to finish the Da Vinci Code book, reading until midnight and then the premise kept me thinking. I recommend this book to everyone!

Morning came too soon and my sister called at 7am too. So I quickly got 20 minutes of exercise in, before the doorbell rang and there was Dina. I'm so grateful for her! Within a week of putting out feelers for a two day a week housekeeper, she came to introduce herself upon recommendation of the (wonderful) housekeeper of the neighbors.

She only needed a little guidance, though I stayed home all day to help if need be. She was very self sufficient and got a boat load of work done, cleaning and laundry. Yay! This was the right day to have her too, as I got a quick nap in too, even as Saskia had a friend over to play. It does make me feel somewhat like an invalid, but so be it.

Meanwhile, I made an appointment with the rheumatologist again, as I would like to hear her opinion again. The pain and fatigue do seem a lot worse, but then again, I know that happens in the fall every year. But who knows, new treatment may have surfaced.

Saskia started tap dancing today. She did enjoy it and yippeeeee, a parent suggested car pooling. I wish I could find a car pool for Thursdays, though as I'm running around like crazy then.

I fed my probably least healthy meal to the family: storebought quiches. At least I redeemed myself by also serving fresh spinach. But they all loved it. It's just that I just read a Self magazine article about the most healthy foods and the homemade stuff almost always won. This was not only not home made, but it had 50% of RDA of saturated fat per serving. Hmm, I think even a pizza from Pizza Hut has less.

Tonight I helped Kai with math, I love decimals. Two more days till my birthday. I feel like a little kid. Too bad it will now always be the day before September, 11th. Sigh!