Friday, October 18, 2002

Scratch that, a second after I posted, the school called, Saskia has thrown up and now she's home here with me and no gift wrap stuff. I guess I'll go Monday or Tuesday now. Poor little one, she's all pale and so sad she can't play with her friend now :(!
Well, my loyalty to my blog is waning! I can't believe I haven't written a whole week! I think it's because my brain is so full of stuff, snipers, mothers, sick children and what have you, that I don't even know where to start. And I don't want my blog to become a weekly whining session either, as, all things considered, I have a wonderful life and to be grumpy on here just wouldn't be right.

Take yesterday, the first message I read online was from an email friend in Denmark, very, very sad: their 6 1/2 months old infant had died in her sleep. She had Down's Syndrome, but was doing quite well. So this was completely unexpected (not that expected makes it any easier!). So I was very sad for her, but I also realized, how precious life is and cuddled my kids all the more.

Today, my email friend Colleen is in labor having her third child. This has been a very nervous pregnancy for her and we've all lived through it with her. Her daughter Heather died in utero a year or so ago. I can't wait for the good news about the birth of her little one!

The internet is such a special place, support is very real, even if not in the flesh and I think it has widened many people's social circle.

On the personal front, Katja was sick until Tuesday and Kai and Saskia had a major case of cabin fever. So I could just about kiss my friend Denise, when she called on Tuesday afternoon to ask my two to play at her house. Two hours of quiet!

Rick traveled, left Monday night, came back Tuesday, left Wednesday night, came back last night. This always makes it hard for me to get in a rhythm. As a matter of fact, I think the lack of it caused Saskia to feel nauseous today from tiredness. I got a call from the clinic while I was at the gym, and when I called back, she had had a nap and was feeling much better and so far she's still at school.

I had a hair appointment yesterday and my hairdresser decided to let my hair return to its natural color. So I went from quite a blonde (which had started to look brassy and I was increasingly unhappy with) to a brunette in the span of one hour. I love it myself and so does just about everyone else, especially Rick. But Saskia had a fit when she saw me (I do look completely different, it's amazing what hair color will do!) and didn't want to come home with me. I had to carry her home. I told her that changing my hair color didn't make me a different person and that I loved her as much as always (she was yelling she hated me). When she said "I wish you were dead", though, I carried her up to her room and asked her to think of how that was not a nice thing to say.

Katja talked to her too and as suddenly as the fit started, it ended and I had a cuddly little six year old in my lap, who told me she loved me "even" with brown hair :).

Now I have about 15 minutes before I have to get Katja from the bus stop and then I'm going to hand out wrapping paper orders at the school, oh joy!