Saturday, January 04, 2003

I have to write about a party we went to tonight, that is so "typical" American! It was a "re-gifting" party, everyone had to bring a gift they received for Christmas, but didn't like.

Now, I seriously didn't get anything I didn't like, believe it or not, so I went in my book closet and since I buy way more than I ever read, I decided to give 2 paperbacks that looked good, but weren't. And then we went to my dad's house this afternoon to take back some pans and plates he brought for New Year's Eve and he selected something out of my mother's extensive (and tacky!) gift closet for Rick's gift: a number puzzle.

We got to the hostess' house and there were nice hors d'oeuvres and drinks and everyone was chatting. Then she came around and gave everyone a number 1 through 40. Number one selected a gift and unwrapped it. Number 2 would select a gift too, but could choose to either unwrap that or swap with number 1, who would then have to keep number 2's gift. Most gifts were ok, definitely not things you'd have high on your list, but ok.

Some notable exceptions: large monkeys in the hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil poses (horen, zien en zwijgen for the Dutch audience), very ugly and they were candle holders to boot. And they were much swapped! I'll never understand those Americans ;). They were the ugliest things possible (but that made it so funny too)!

The last gift was swapped at least 10 times, I ended up with it first, but then my friend whispered to pass it on, as it was her gift and she knew it was awful (some weird glass bottle). I lost my calendar in the swap (not great, but wouldn't have been bad) and ended up with cookies, jam and a little jar for jam. It was ok, but I donated it to our hostess who collects things with berries on them.

We had a lot of fun, Rick ended up with a book and doll called "Mr. Right". He, oops, "forgot" it on the couch.

Besides all this, we cleaned up most of the Christmas stuff, the tree is still standing but only has lights and a few ornaments on it. And this afternoon we went to see the "Wild Thornberry's Movie", very nice story for an animated feature.

Thursday, January 02, 2003

Wow, the new year has started! It feels like we're slowly waking up from a long dream. I can't believe it's the second of January!

I've been sick (now with a throat and gland infection) and feeling very tired. Relatives and friends have celebrated the holidays with us, which was great. I do feel somewhat down, because my mother was not there and the chances of her ever being there again are slim to none. My dad had trouble with it too as did my siblings.

Anyway, I'm feeling very weak and listless, so this is not a long entry. I do want to wish my readers (if there are any) a very happy and healthy 2003!