Thursday, December 19, 2002

Time is downright flying! There is so much to do and so little time to do it! And now Rick is throwing some "must see" movies in the mix too. Help!!!! I told him he can't expect me to keep going and not collapse at some point. Those movies can wait. His argument is, that they then go to a small theater, well, worse things have happened, sigh!

But with this griping, we had a wonderful day together today. We left right after the kids went to school, got ourselves a McDonald's breakfast and drove to Front Royal to go on the Skyline Drive for a hike. Unfortunately, Skyline Drive was closed due to snow and ice (even though it's just about all melted!). Fortunately, there was a trail (Dickey Ridge) right before the park entrance. We walked the whole trail, it was great, it was mostly along a mountain stream, so I got beautiful waterfall pictures.

After our walk we drove to Middleburg a quaint little town west of us, where we had lunch at the old Red Fox Inn. After the great meal, we went to Chrysalis vineyard for a tasting and we bought a case of wine, because their wines are truly delicious.

Then we still had time to stop by the British Pantry to get some British stuff for Christmas. A fun day together and something I wish we could do much more often!