Monday, June 16, 2003

We had a great weekend! On Friday, I biked out to Alexandria and loved it. I'm really getting into this! There's nothing like pedalling superfast and feeling the wind through your hair and seeing nature all around. This direction of the path is more crowded than going west, but after going through 2 towns, you get into beautiful parkland with creeks and flowers.

Saskia had invited 3 friends for a sleepover, for her half birthday and they had a blast. We ordered pizza and Rick got ice cream and a movie for them and by 11pm they were all sound asleep. Saskia was having the time of her life! She's such a socialite, that girl! In the morning, they woke up at 6:15 (yawn!), but then went to play in the basement, so Rick and I could sleep a little longer. Then Rick got them donuts (I know, I know, but it was the unanimous choice) and the parents picked them up.

Meanwhile, Christine had come over and we went for a long walk with Kai on his bike. Kai did really well and that got me thinking, that biking with the kids would be a good exercise this summer. Saskia is still too little for a big bike, though and the little bike she has would be way too exhausting for her to keep up with us. So I thought about renting a trail-a-bike, to see if she liked that.

In the evening, we had our first cookout of the year, it's been so rainy, we hadn't even used the grill yet. Rick made great hamburgers and hotdogs, since I eat hamburgers about once a year, I did enjoy having one again for a change.

Yesterday was of course Father's Day, so the kids and I brought Rick tea and fresh cherries in bed and gave him a new camera (digital, finally!) and a gift card he can use at different stores. Then we got dressed and I rode off to the bike store to rent a trail-a-bike for Saskia. Kai, Rick, Saskia and I rode out to the path and 6 miles west on it, so it worked well and we decided to purchase it. Saskia is thrilled!! She just wants to keep going on her new bike (that means I have to come along though :)).

We rode it to school this morning and to the pool (across the street) this afternoon. She wanted to go longer, as did Kai, but I'm feeling very run down and tired, so after the pool, I told them I really didn't have it in me to bike too (didn't swim either, too cold!). They were disappointed, which immediately activates my guilt feeling, but I honestly thought I might do something stupid, if I went, like run into a car or something.

Last night, my dad came over and we went to a Thai restaurant of Rick's choosing. It was very nice, but Thai is not the food of choice of our kids. Katja was the only one that enjoyed her food. Oh well, the fathers enjoyed it and that was important.