Saturday, April 06, 2002 3am I woke up with a nasty, telltale feeling in my stomach :(. Before the morning was finished, I'd thrown up 7 times.
Rick took me to the doctor, as we were wondering if this was strep related (being that the girls had the same symptoms and had strep).
Once there, I received a nice shot in the b***, to stop the nausea, so they could do a strep test. It stung! But at that point, I couldn't care!

I managed to hold it all in till we got home, but then only threw up once more. Now I just feel like a train hit me and the anti-nausea medicine is making me nice and drowsy.

Rick got me Melba toast and breadsticks, as well as bouillon and Gatorade. He's a great nurturer! I don't even want to think what I would have done, had he still been out of town!

Just now, Kai told us he's feeling nauseous, so he went to bed. And then there's Rick, let's hope he escapes this!

More later, typing like this is not very comfortable (hanging halfway out of my bed ;)).

Thursday, April 04, 2002

I'm so exhausted tonight, I won't write a lot. Yesterday was spent cleaning up vomit and diarrhea from Saskia and today was spent doing the same for Katja. I did take Katja to the doctor (didn't think Saskia needed it as she seemed better this morning, tonight she spiked a fever though :(). Katja has strep throat and is she ever miserable :(. Thankfully, Rick came home and (knock on wood) Kai and I are still healthy. I'm wanting to exorcise germs, but I'm not sure how! It certainly was too early to rejoice, when I thought to myself a week or 2 ago, that we barely had any sickness this winter!
Hoping for the "old" Katja and Saskia back tomorrow, seeing them this miserable is pure torture!

Tuesday, April 02, 2002

Day two of Rick's trip, normally I don't count the days like this, but with jet lag and Fibromyalgia pains (bad the past two days!), I'm not just counting days, I'm counting hours!
Although today, I didn't have much time to do so.

The good news: the kids were up at 6am, the bad news: they were up at 6am. Why was that good, you'll ask? Well, they have a newfound love for eachother since Paris. And so, Kai dressed himself and Saskia, Katja took a shower and then fed Saskia breakfast.

I had just about begged them for another hour of sleep and I got just that. I have wonderful children! And by the time I came downstairs, I had nothing to do but dress and feed myself. What luxury!

After everyone was off to school (both Katja and Kai left with friends before 8 (!) and Saskia begged me to take her NOW!), I went off to the gym and had a good workout. It was fun seeing everyone again, I needed that, as I tend to really have a hard time re-adjusting to "life" after a vacation. Seeing friends and knowing just how good I have it here certainly helps.

I came home around 11:30 and had a Fantastic Foods Miso and Tofu soup (just add water). I looked for their website, they have one under construction. I eat these soups a lot, they have under 150 calories each, the noodles are really satisfying and the taste too.

In the afternoon, I was off to teach Kandinsky to Katja's 6th grade. This is an artist the kids really relate to. Both the 4th and 6th grades loved their projects and we have the most colorful abstract paintings from them. I love doing this "Artsmart" program at their school!

Katja and Kai then both came with me to get our dog, Brynna, who's been at the vet's getting checked out because of excessive drinking (and of course, peeing, preferably on our carpet). Well, we left her there one more night. She has elevated liver enzymes and the vet did one test today for Cushing's Disease, but, as was the case about a year ago, the test was negative. So now, a second test for that disease will be done tomorrow. Of course, these tests cost $100+ a piece, but this has been going on for more than a year and Brynna has become an almost impossible dog to live with. She requires more attention from me than all 3 kids combined and it's not fun attention either. It's one thing to play and have fun with your dog, quite another, when you just sit down and then have to get up to supply doggie with water or food. And this 30+ times a day! I feel guilty, because I was relieved when the vet said she had to stay another night! And I do love her, she's just so demanding!

We picked Saskia up from school and then Katja went to work out at the gym with her friend. I fed the youngest 2 dinner and made lunches for tomorrow. Katja and I got our meal from the Shark Club tonight. I love their chili!!!

Saskia slept by 7:30, unheard of for her!!!

I'm leaving the good news for last:
1. My friend Christine had been told her foot was broken on Sunday. Today she saw an orthopedist and was told it was not a break, but a very bad sprain! Yippee!!!

2. My 5th nephew was born today: Rens Erik Eduard. Two new nephews in less than 2 weeks!!

And now, I'm off to sleep!

Monday, April 01, 2002

Our Paris journal is online, I created a separate Blog for it. Click here to read all about our trip!