Tuesday, June 03, 2003

Well, I guess I'll first start with today, as I'm sooooo mad at myself! I know it's because when I'm tired and too busy, I start doing stupid things, but still... Ok, here goes, I ran out this afternoon to get Kai and Saskia from school, because it was raining. I wanted to get there early, so I could be as close as possible so they wouldn't get too wet. I backed out of the driveway and how I did it I'll never know, but I managed to get so close to the mailbox, that a rusty nail on the mailbox scratched the car badly :(.

Rick just left to go to Seattle this afternoon, so I couldn't call him, I called Christine instead, who of course told me it's just a scratch, it can be fixed etc. But still, I went to Maaco and the estimate is over $300 :(. Just because the stupid nail had to scratch both the side and part of the liftgate. Grrr!!!

This on yet another dreary rainy afternoon and I'm feeling sooo tired! Wah!

Tonight we had Chinese for dinner as we always eat that, when Rick is out of town. After dinner Saskia was doing cartwheels and hit her toes on the coffee table, poor kid. It looks ok, no bruising or anything, but she's limping around the room.

Ok, so on to more fun stuff: this weekend. We had a fun dinner here with Chuck, Christine and Mallory on Saturday, nice Greek food. Katja and I went shopping for her shoes in the afternoon, after she had been cleaning her room at my request. She did quite a good job on her room, I have to say! It had become quite a mess and several garbage bags came out.

On Sunday, we went to Finding Nemo, a really fun animated movie. We saw our old neighbors the Ojjeh's there, after not seeing them for 5 years. The kids had all changed so tremendously in that time!

Yesterday, the weather was gorgeous. So I took my bike and rode out...11 miles! For a 22 mile roundtrip! It was so much fun! I saw all kinds of beautiful birds, red winged blackbirds, bluebirds, cardinals, a goldfinch and a blue jay. And I saw at least 10 chipmunks (did you know there are 14 types of chipmunks?? Wow! They're so cute though!) and almost rode over 2 of them :-o! The trip took me through our county to the next. It was cool!

After the kids got home from school, Kai and Saskia and I went to Great Falls National Park with Brynna. Saskia initially created quite a drama, but then ended up loving it there and climbing rocks and skipping on the path. She had to laugh at herself afterwards. The falls were even more swollen than the last time, what with all the rain we have been having.

Then the girls got a haircut and Lauren came to babysit. Rick and I ate Vietnamese and then saw the movie "Bruce Almighty". I like Jim Carrey, but this was not the best movie I've seen, though it was entertaining.

Tomorrow I'm sure will be just as fun of a day as yesterday was, right? We'll just forget about today.