Thursday, August 15, 2002

We're baaaack!! Ok, we've been back since Monday night, but only now am I starting to feel like I'm returning to normal again. We had the most wonderful vacation, I'm working hard on a report and putting pictures online, what a dream it was!

These past few days have been spent unpacking, sweating (it's still superhot out! The air quality at least was "only" code Orange today, after several code Red days). It's good to be back. Seeing the monuments in Washington from the plane again made me feel so lucky to be allowed to live near to such a beautiful city! (Unfortunately, the pilot managed to have us all on the edge of our seat as his landing was downright strange and scary!).

Anyway, we're here, no more trips planned for the rest of the summer vacation (except for Rick) and the kids are bored already. Oh my!

Things that made me happy today:

1. Talking to my birthday boy nephew in Canada, he's 6 today!
2. Talking with 2 close friends and catching up with a third one
3. Having Kai sit close to me to read a book on reef fish
4. Receiving said book as a surprise present from Rick
5. Having dinner at our favorite Japanese restaurant with the whole family and being so proud of them!