Tuesday, July 15, 2003

Meanwhile, we're in New Orleans. Life is in a tailspin and I barely have computer time. We played tourist in Washington all of last week with Zack. We saw 2 museums: Natural History and Air and Space, did a DC Ducks tour, went to Skyline Caverns and to Busch Gardens. We were all sad to say goodbye on Sunday, but didn't have much time to be as we left this morning for New Orleans.

The flight here was nice, Rick left on another flight, as he has a conference here, but the kids and I had a nice non-stop. I sat next to Saskia and Kai and Katja wanted to sit together, so they could play their Gameboys. Everybody was angelic! Saskia and I practiced her Cat's Cradle moves and she figured out how to make a cup and saucer and the Eiffel Tower.

Rick was waiting at the exit at the airport and we checked into a suite at the Royal Sonesta hotel. It's a very nice room, huge, but quite humid, everything feels damp. They were going to give us a room facing Bourbon Street, but I thought that was a disaster waiting to happen with the noise. So I begged for an inside room. Which is when they upgraded us to this suite. We have a patio outside, where we'll eat breakfast tomorrow, very nice. It's a two level suite with a king size and pull out sofa and roll-away. Tonight, Rick is spending the night with us, but tomorrow he goes off to his own hotel and we don't know how often we'll see him this week.

Saskia was quite shocked by all the nudity displayed here, but the other two have eyes wide as saucers ;). Tomorrow we're going to do a swamp tour and are being picked up bright and early from the hotel for it.

Last time we were here, we stayed near the Convention Center and didn't spend that much time in the French Quarter, so this will be a different experience.