Thursday, January 30, 2003

Today was a day off for the kids and Rick was out of town again last night. So I emailed my friends Christine and Jeanne, whose husbands I knew were also traveling and suggested a "poor lonely wives club" night for last night. It turned out to be so much fun! Christine and Mallory came to spend the night and Jeanne came for dinner with her boys.

All the kids played and played and we had some nice wine. Then my neighbor Lorraine called and we invited her over. We ordered Greek food and just chatted and chatted. Before the food came, my friend Mary called that she wanted to bring by the Longaberger catalog for me to look at, since I can't make it to her party on the 9th.

So, she came over and of course had some wine with us. Before we knew it, it was past 10pm and Jeanne and Mary left. Lorraine stayed longer and the kids just stayed up, bad mommies that we were!

After Lorraine left, Christine, the girls and I watched Celebrity Mole (with Frederique van der Wal, the Dutch model, who I'm sure is the Mole!). Christine fell asleep in mid-sentence, I've never seen anyone do that! So I got the girls settled, who still were not asleep and then went to bed myself.

This morning, we put Mallory and Saskia in the bath together and they stayed long enough for Christine and me to work out.

After lunch, Christine and Mallory left and I took my kids and 2 friends to the Kangaroo Jack movie. Just the right thing to go to on a cold, snowy afternoon! It got bad reviews, but I loved it for the light comedy that it is and so did the kids.