Thursday, February 06, 2003

Well, Katja has been sick all week! She's finally getting better, just in time to go skiing tomorrow (well, actually, we're driving to West Virginia tomorrow and go skiing on Saturday).

This is our first ski trip in years! I can't believe how bulky all the stuff is, ski bibs, ski jackets, fleece tops! It's going to be quite cold, in the low 20's during the day (between -5 and -10 for the Europeans) and much colder at night.

We're going to the cabin of friends and Christine and Chuck are renting the cabin next door to ours. We're bringing lots of snacks and hot chocolate and movies to watch in the evening. We'll be there for 2 nights.

Christine and I are planning on trying snowshoeing, the kids are going in a day camp with lessons and the guys are going downhill skiing. Then we'll all meet back up to do some tubing.

We're expected 4-6 inches of snow here tomorrow, so we'll have to drive through the snow, which I'm not thrilled about.